TUBE TRAP is a Danish company producing, selling and distributing a fruit fly trap.
The company was founded by Rasmus Andersen and Jens Nørgaard.

Tubetrap soda dispenser
Tubetrap soda gun

TUBE TRAP is a fruit fly trap made for draft beer taps and soft drink taps.

Our traps are patented. They are designed to close the tap once you close a bar, restaurant, club, cantina etc. in the evening until the next day. This prevents the fruit flies to get into the tap and pollute your drink.

Not only will our TUBE TRAP prevent the fruit fly getting into the taps it will also attract them with a food grade glue that contains a special pheromone attracting them and once they touch the glue they are trapped.


Cafe Europa
Cafe Europa


Sales and distribution
Michel Pfeiffer
Email: m@michelpfeiffer.dk
Phone: +45 26 84 88 29
Sales and distribution
Jens Nørgaard
Email: jdn@europa1989.dk
Phone: +45 40 30 98 28
Product development and design
Rasmus Andersen
Email: rasmus@rasmussmed.dk
Phone: +45 28 45 15 05